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Pastor's Message

Jesus presents for us a great challenge - He calls us to do what is just, to love and to be merciful, by showing kindness… And to do so without expecting any reward, congratulations or thank yous. At this time our state and our country are in need of this heroic witness to truth, justice and love! As you may already know our state has voted and is currently voting on legislation to allow abortion to be performed at any stage of pregnancy without restriction and for any reason, even up to the very moment of birth. I ask your prayers for our legislators and those charged with guiding our state and our country forward toward justice. With the continued rejection of religion and revealed moral truths from our society, now more than ever, lawmakers are setting the moral guidelines for our children and grandchildren. Law carries with it an implicit understanding of moral legitimacy. This new abortion law will communicate that it is morally permissible to kill an unborn baby, for any reason, up to the very moment of birth. Certainly, for us who have well formed consciences based in truth, we know this is immoral and unjust. Yet what about others whose morals are guided solely and primarily by the law? What responsibility do we have to help protect and defend the truth for them?  - Father Dallas

**Please note: The Bill now goes to the Senate for consideration. Be sure to contact your Senators and ask them to vote NO on H.57. You can find your senators using the “Find a Legislator” tool at Or you can call the State House at 802-828-2228 to leave a message for your Senator. Give your name, your town of residence, and the message vote NO on H.57.



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