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Are you aware that you are being hunted? No doubt the most distressing part of being hunted is not knowing who is hunting us. For us, however, we get to choose the one who hunts or pursues us!  On October 28th, our high school youths and their families experienced the “Back from the Dead Cemetery Walk.” Which is a dramatic and powerful witness of the hunt for our soul. Each year in the month of November we focus on the 4 Last Things: Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. Jesus is pursuing us with his merciful love, seeking our acceptance through faith, so that he can claim us for heaven. Whereas the devil and his demons tempt us toward sin and rejection of God, to claim us for hell. The choice remains with us! Awareness and belief are the first requirements—I must believe these pursuers exist if I am to accept and/or avoid them.

The month of November is a time when we intentionally reflect on Jesus’ pursuit of us, as well as being mindful of the devil’s traps. We begin the month with the feast of All Saints recalling all the Holy Men and Women who have triumphed and chosen Christ. They are our heavenly brothers and sisters who show us the path that leads to heaven. They teach us to seek Jesus and avoid the snares of sin set by Satan. They pray for us and instill within us hope for eternal life.  

The rest of November, beginning with the feast of All Souls on November 2nd, we, disciples of Christ, pray that each of our deceased relatives and friends, and the holy souls in purgatory, come soon to the glory of heaven. Our book of remembrance holds these names and we remember them at our masses throughout the month. Our prayers united with the sacrifice of Christ in the Eucharist casts out the power of Satan, spirit of evil and claims us for heavenly glory.

Remember we are being hunted—choose Christ as your pursuer; remain faithful through frequent reception of the sacraments, prayer and adoration. Follow the saints who realized that “life is Christ and death is gain” because if I choose to be the “prey” of Jesus I am destined for heaven!


—Fr. Dallas


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