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The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ is the greatest treasure we have! St. Paul teaches us that we hold this treasure in earthen vessels. At Mass these earthen vessels are the chalice and ciborium which hold the precious body and blood of Jesus for us. In Holy Communion we become the earthen vessels who receive Jesus and carry Him into the world.

Today more than ever our world needs to be reminded that Jesus is with us! So many people are living without love, experiencing pain, suffering, depression, sadness, and despair. The presence of Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist, who we especially worship this Corpus Christi weekend, reminds us that God is living among and within his people. We are loved, cared for, protected and guided by the goodness of God in Jesus Christ.

The recent school shootings betray the sadness, depression and despair of our nation, especially our youth. Only Jesus can dispel the darkness, sadness and doubt that come from grief, suffering and pain, and he comes to us in the Most Holy Eucharist. He is present ready to bestow his blessings upon all who believe and open their heart to receive him.

Despite what our relativistic world would have us believe, the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist does not depend upon our belief. However, the effect of his presence upon our lives does!

Jesus desires a personal and intimate friendship with each and every person. He has the power to transform sorrow to joy, despair to hope and doubt to true faith in him. He is knocking on the door of your hearts asking to come in. Will you open your heart and your life to him?

Lord, grant us the courage and faith to believe you are truly present, so that we will open our heart to you. Transform us more perfectly into your image and likeness so that we will bring you into our world; a world that is so desperate to be healed by your love and mercy!

- Father Dallas



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