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Jesus sends us out!

There is a great invitation God is sending to every person and each of us is responsible for responding. As we hear from the readings, God has been sending out his messengers from the beginning of time to bring his message of salvation to all people.

In the first reading Amos is asked to prophesy to the people of Israel regardless of their willingness to receive this message or not. In the Gospel the disciples are commissioned by Jesus to go out to the people and preach the Gospel message of repentance and bring healing to the sick who received their invitation.

Are we aware of the invitation that God is sending us? The offer of repentance is continually available through the sacrament of reconciliation and then through the Eucharist we come to enjoy union with our God. In these sacraments we receive from Jesus the invitation and he strengthens us with the grace we need to persevere.

Our work, however, is not complete. Jesus is asking us to go out and help others to receive his invitation. There are several ways in which we can welcome others to come to know Jesus and receive his invitation of salvation. Our parish Lawn Party on July 6th and 7th was an excellent opportunity for many in our community to come to know the love of Jesus through sharing good food, laughter, and an opportunity to celebrate the gift of life.

With this welcoming spirit provided by a hospitable atmosphere and a willingness to share our love of God, the Holy Spirit is able to use our kindness to draw others to worship with us. Our worthy reception of Jesus in Holy Communion is strengthening and deepening our faith. Jesus is preparing us and sending us into our community to make his invitation of salvation known.

- Father Dallas



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