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Come Holy Spirit! We conclude our Easter season with the recalling of the glorious event of Pentecost - the sending of the Holy Spirit into the world! This is a beautiful and astounding event, which should inspire us and remind us that the power of the Holy Spirit is active, living and present among us today! Too often we recall and celebrate these sacred events without urgency and expectation. This Sacred event of Pentecost is not just being recalled as an event that happened over 2000 years ago that inspired and enlivened the first apostles and disciples of Jesus; the Holy Spirit is truly and really present to us NOW! He wants to deepen our commitment of faith and set us on fire with the love of God. A love that will compel us to become true, faithful disciples of Jesus, who desire to proclaim the gospel by the witness of our lives. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to us today through the sacraments of the Church primarily Baptism and Confirmation. He renews and strengthens this great power within us through the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. Are we open and desiring to receive this great gift? The Holy Spirit is present to us today and the power received by those first apostles and disciples is waiting for us! Our lives are meant to be lived with joy, love and peace through a dedication to serving others by living out the Gospel values in our lives. The values Jesus teaches are the virtues, primarily prudence, temperance, fortitude or courage and justice. Along with the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity. These main virtues lie within us through the gift of the Holy Spirit, and they unleash for us the ability to obtain all virtues including: patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, chastity, right judgement, and generosity, among many others. Our conviction of faith in the presence of the Holy Spirit and acting on our desire to live out these virtues is what brings us true joy, love and peace! Jesus, deepen within us the desire to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our lives so that we become people of faith, hope and love who live according to your Gospel truth. Come Holy Spirit, come! - Fr. Dallas


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