St. Mark Parish Revitalization

This past October our Parish announced a capital campaign to revitalize our church, making it a more attractive and welcoming environment.  Putting Jesus at the heart of our church, literally and figuratively, is the central element of the plans to revitalize our worship space. 

Our goal is to raise $700,000 over the next three years. 

Plans include relocating the tabernacle back to the center of the sanctuary and enshrining the existing Mary and Joseph statues, which will flank the tabernacle in its restored location.  We also want to refresh the pews and interior wood, replace flooring, update lighting and audio, and provide more handicapped accessible seating.

Early donations have already made it possible to repave the parking lot, repair curbs, and make transitions and walkways more accessible to the elderly and handicapped.  The Bowling Alley has also been restored, and was opened to the Parish and Community in April, 2018.  Priorities that still need to be addressed include the Family Center roof and flooring.

This presentation (slideshow), which was shown during weekend masses October 6-7, outlines the revitalization campaign goals and includes architectural renderings of the revitalized space. 

A brochure (view in new window) (download) has been distributed to parishoners as well; it also outlines the campaign objectives and includes photographs of completed projects and the plans for the revitalized Church.

We have faith that we can reach our goal, but we need your support!   Please prayerfully consider making a pledge or donationto this revitalization campaign. The Pledge Form (view in new window) (download)  includes instructions for various ways to provide financial support. 

For a better idea on how your gift can be spread out, please read the letter "REACHING THE GOAL", from Fr. Dallas.


Please contact us about question on how to give from your life insurance policies, annuities, stocks & bonds, or anything financial that will help us reach our goal! 

Our Capital Campaign Committee: 

Father Dallas St. Peter 

Judy Allard 

Mark Heinrich 

Jack Mable 

Diane Pawlusiak 

Peter Potts 

Shannon Tran



Presentation of Revitalization Plans